prtdiag est une commande permettant d’obtenir des informations sur le hardware. On obtiens avec cette commande des informations sur les processeurs, la ram, les équipements rattachés, etc..


root@solaris:~# prtdiag
System Configuration: Dell Inc.                 Precision WorkStation 370    
BIOS Configuration: Dell Inc.                 A02 08/23/2004

==== Processor Sockets ====================================

Version                          Location Tag
-------------------------------- --------------------------
Pentium 4                        Microprocessor

==== Memory Device Sockets ================================

Type        Status Set Device Locator      Bank Locator
----------- ------ --- ------------------- ----------------
SDRAM       in use 0   CHANNEL A DIMM 0    
SDRAM       in use 0   CHANNEL B DIMM 0    
SDRAM       in use 0   CHANNEL A DIMM 1    
SDRAM       in use 0   CHANNEL B DIMM 1    

==== On-Board Devices =====================================
Broadcom 5751 NetXtreme Gigabit Controller
AC'97 Audio Controller

==== Upgradeable Slots ====================================

ID  Status    Type             Description
--- --------- ---------------- ----------------------------
1   available PCI              PCI_1  
2   available PCI              PCI_2  
3   available PCI              PCI_3  
4   in use    PCI Express      PCI_E_1
0   in use    PCI Express      PEG

Man solaris de la commande prtdiag

System Administration Commands                        prtdiag(1M)

 prtdiag - display system diagnostic information

 /usr/sbin/prtdiag [-v] [-l]

 prtdiag displays system configuration and diagnostic  infor-
 mation on sun4u, sun4v, and x86 systems.

 The diagnostic information lists any failed  field  replace-
 able units (FRUs) in the system.

 The interface, output, and location in the directory hierar-
 chy  for  prtdiag  are  uncommitted and subject to change in
 future releases.

 prtdiag does not display diagnostic information and environ-
 mental  status  when  executed  on  the Sun Enterprise 10000
 server.                       See                        the
 /var/opt/SUNWssp/adm/${SUNW_HOSTNAME}/messages  file  on the
 system service processor (SSP) to  obtain  such  information
 for this server.

 The following options are supported:

 -l    Log output. If failures or errors exist in the system,
 output this information to syslogd(1M) only.

 -v    Verbose mode. Displays the time of the most recent  AC
 Power  failure,  and  the  most  recent hardware fatal
 error information, and (if  applicable)  environmental
 status. The hardware fatal error information is useful
 to repair and manufacturing for  detailed  diagnostics
 of FRUs.

 The following exit values are returned:

 0    No failures or errors are detected in the system.

 1    Failures or errors are detected in the system.

 2    An internal prtdiag error occurred, for example, out of

 See attributes(5) for descriptions of the  following  attri-

 |       ATTRIBUTE TYPE        |       ATTRIBUTE VALUE       |
 | Availability                | system/library/platform     |
 | Interface Stability         | Uncommitted*                |

 *The output is unstable.

 modinfo(1M),    prtconf(1M),    psrinfo(1M),     sysdef(1M),
 syslogd(1M), attributes(5), openprom(7D)

 Not all diagnostic and system information  is  available  on
 every Solaris platform, and therefore cannot be displayed by
 prtdiag. On those  platforms,  further  information  can  be
 obtained from the System Controller.

SunOS 5.11           Last change: 2 Sep 2008                    2

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